Raid: Shadow Legends

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Accepted Player Suggestions

Greetings, Warriors!

Ever since Raid was made available, you have provided us with a lot of valuable feedback and suggestions. As promised, we have meticulously recorded all of it and put forth the most thought-out ideas up for consideration during a regular meeting with the Dev Team.

You can find a comprehensive list of ideas that were approved below. And we have no doubt that you will enjoy a lot of what you see.

Raid: Shadow Legends Grinner

Balance/General Mechanics

1) Give out a guaranteed drop or reward upon opening a certain number of Ancient Shards.

We have been considering a mechanic like this for a while now. And we are happy to confirm that it will be implemented into the game. The details of what it will be and the requirements are not yet ironed out, but we are working on it!

2) Mystery Shards drop way too often in Artifact Dungeons, this needs to be changed.

We’ve reviewed a lot of feedback on this matter and discussed it at length with the Dev Team. It’s been decided that Mystery Shards are indeed dropping too often in the higher Stagers of different Dungeons, so we are going to work on it.

3) Make Skill Tomes obtainable on a regular basis.

This is indeed sorely needed to give you an opportunity to reveal the true potential of your Champions. We’ll be working on making Skill Tomes obtainable through a variety of means.

4) Upgrading Artifacts is a frustrating mechanic and needs adjustments.

We are currently looking into making the process easier. There will be some of the more basic QoL improvements to the Upgrade itself and what options players have when it comes to the core mechanic. At the same time, we are planning on more significant updates that will touch upon this later on.

5) Add Events into the game, such as Double XP on a particular Stage, Double Rewards, something more significant.

This is also something that we already had planned. But, nonetheless, it is a good opportunity to confirm that such Events will indeed be happening.

6) Add an opportunity to engage friends in friendly PvP without rewards or Resources being spent.

We already planned to include this into one of the upcoming features, so stay tuned!

7) Improve the Auto-Battle mechanics. At the moment it is annoying to manually re-send Champions to right every time they clear a Stage.

While the exact details are undecided just yet, this is also a feature we have planned out and it will be introduced in some form in the future.

Quality of Life

1) Add a numerical representation of the [Decrease HP] effect that the Destroy Set and certain Skills produce as at the moment it is hard to judge their effectiveness.

This is a fair point! We will look into adding those numbers.

2) The game client starts lagging when there are a lot of Artifacts in the Inventory. Make it so all Artifact Set tabs are closed by default and are only opened by a tap.

This is not going to fix the lag issue, unfortunately. That said, we are looking into the root cause and will eliminate it ASAP. And as for the suggestion itself, our UI designers will test out a few options and see if this works out.

3) Add an option to adjust Game Chat size during Battle, allowing us to see more than just one message without having to open the Chat Tab.

This is a good one! We’ll be looking into how to best implement this and make the setting adjustable, but it will happen.

4) Add more Player Avatars to the game.

Planned already! We have a few cool ideas for this as well that will allow active players to get some truly unique avatars.