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Bloodthirsty, savage, and the cruelest of the Skinwalkers, to fight a Flesh-Tearer is tantamount to death. Enslaved by an endless hunger that cannot be sated, fear the ravenous Flesh-Tearer and their spiked club. Discover Flesh-Tearer’s skills and learn what makes them a fearsome foe on the battlefields of Teleria in the dark fantasy RPG, RAID: Shadow Legends!

Flesh-Tearer, RAID: Shadow Legends champion

Check out our guide on how to use the Epic Skinwalkers Champion Flesh-Tearer in RAID: Shadow Legends, and feel your enemies quake before you!


With a niche set of skills that can be used to great effect, Flesh-Tearer is a useful Champion for mid-game accounts when taking on three Bosses in particular – the Dragon, the Ice Golem, and the Demon Lord Clan Boss. Though only obtainable via summoning from a Shard, having a Flesh-Tearer on your team can improve your survivability and debuff manipulation for those three aforementioned Bosses, as well as other wave-based content such as Faction Wars and Doom Tower.

Whether you need help conquering some of RAID: Shadow Legends’ toughest enemies, or you’re on the lookout for someone to help control buffs and debuffs while providing excellent support, Flesh-Tearer is a valuable ally to have.


Flesh-Tearer can be summoned from Ancient, Primal, and Sacred Shards at the Portal.


Flesh-Tearer brings some valuable skills to the table in RAID: Shadow Legends, whether it’s decreasing or increasing the duration of buffs and debuffs, healing your entire team, or attacking a single enemy. Check out Flesh-Tearer’s skills in RAID: Shadow Legends now!

  • Multiply Misery – Attacks 1 enemy. Has a 40% chance of transferring 1 random debuff from this Champion to the target.
  • Warleader – Heals all allies by 30% of their MAX HP. Increases the duration of all ally buffs by 1 turn.
  • Lay Low – Attacks all enemies. Decreases the duration of all enemy buffs by 1 turn. Increases the duration of all enemy debuffs by 1 turn.

Flesh-Tearer also has an Aura that increases the Attack of all allies in Faction Wars battles by 27%.


Flesh-Tearer is a unique Champion with skills that make use of mechanics not seen often in RAID: Shadow Legends, such as being able to manipulate the duration of buffs and debuffs.

With that in mind, Flesh-Tearer can be used situationally to great effect and can be a part of some really fun teams when conquering the Dragon’s Lair, Ice Golem’s Peak, and Demon Lord Clan Boss in particular.

He is able to help ensure that a Boss is always under debuffs, dealing continuous damage and paving the way for your damage-dealers to hit really hard. Check out our recommendations for the perfect Gear, Masteries, Blessings, and more to get the most out of Flesh-Tearer in RAID: Shadow Legends!


With Flesh-Tearer finding the most use in the Dungeons and against the Demon Lord Clan Boss, we recommend using both the Offense and Support Mastery Trees, with a focus on getting the Tier 6 Mastery, Warmaster, for high bonus damage against high MAX HP targets. Along the way, you should pick up Offense Masteries that focus on taking down enemies with high MAX HP, as well as anything that increases Critical Rate and Critical Damage, such as Deadly Precision and Keen Strike.

To complement the Offense Mastery Tree, Flesh-Tearer should make use of the Support Mastery Tree with a focus on building Accuracy so that he can extend debuff duration and transfer debuffs using his Multiply Misery skill. Key Masteries to look out for on the Support Tree include Pinpoint Accuracy, Charged Focus, and Swarm Smiter.
Flesh-Tearer’s RAID Characteristics


Compared to other Champions, Flesh-Tearer is relatively simple to build in order to maximize their potential. We recommend that you focus on survivability and accuracy for Flesh-Tearer, prioritizing the Accuracy, HP %, and Defense % substats.

Given that Flesh-Tearer’s heal with his Warleader skill is not dependent on his own HP, Defense % might be the better stat to focus on. Accuracy will help Flesh-Tearer successfully increase and decrease debuff and buff duration respectively, so be sure to build that into your substat focus as well. As with almost every Champion in RAID: Shadow Legends, Speed is also important to ensure that you’re getting to move before your enemies and cycle back to your skills quicker.

In terms of specific Artifact Sets, we’d recommend focusing on the Speed and Accuracy-centric Sets such as Speed, Accuracy, and Perception.


When choosing a Blessing for Flesh-Tearer in RAID: Shadow Legends, Cruelty is absolutely the best choice. Cruelty enables a Champion to decrease a target’s Defense with each hit, stacking up to a certain percentage of the target’s total Defense depending on the Champion’s level of Awakening. For example, at Level 6 of Awakening, Flesh-Tearer will be able to decrease a target’s Defense by 4% per hit, stacking up to 40% for enemy Champions, and 20% for Bosses.

It can really help enable your other damage dealers to hit targets much harder, a valuable asset in RAID: Shadow Legends.


Flesh-Tearer offers some unique mechanics for taking on some of RAID: Shadow Legends’ biggest Bosses, which is where this Champion will flourish for any early or mid-game account. With a substantial heal and a debuff extender, Flesh-Tearer can support your team in toppling these terrifying titans. Check out our recommendations on how to use Flesh-Tearer in RAID: Shadow Legends!


When taking on any Dungeon Boss in RAID: Shadow Legends, debuffing your enemies and healing your allies are the key to success. Fortunately, Flesh-Tearer can help with both of these.

His Multiply Misery skill can transfer debuffs from himself to an enemy before his Lay Low skill can decrease the duration of enemy buffs and increase the duration of enemy debuffs. Against the likes of the Dragon and the Ice Golem, extending debuffs such as Poison, HP Burn, Decrease ATK, and Decrease DEF can prove very useful not just against the Bosses themselves, but the waves of enemies prior to facing them.

Finally, the 30% heal and buff extension provided by the Warleader skill is a vital tool for surviving those longer fights at higher difficulty levels.


Within the walls of the Doom Tower, Flesh-Tearer is a viable option for taking on the waves of enemies in between Boss Floors. He can complement your other allied Champions well by increasing their buff duration and keeping them healed against tougher enemies.

He’s also a viable pick for several Secret Rooms across all three Doom Tower rotations, offering solid support as a Magic Affinity, Support-type Epic Champion from the Skinwalkers Faction.


Flesh-Tearer is a great Support Champion for taking on the Skinwalkers Faction Crypt in Faction Wars for many of the same reasons that they excel in Dungeons and the Doom Tower. The heal, buff and debuff manipulation, and debuff transference are all valuable skills, and will work well to help any team of Skinwalkers in conquering Faction Wars in RAID: Shadow Legends.


With a heal and buff/debuff manipulation, Flesh-Tearer plays the role of Support Champion reasonably well within most teams in RAID: Shadow Legends. That paves the way for Flesh-Tearer to combine with stronger debuffers, damage-dealers, a Champion with a Speed Aura, and a reviver for maximum efficiency.

Within the Skinwalkers Faction alone, Sun Wukong is a fierce damage-dealer and self-reviver. Other high-damage Champions, such as Ninja, Big ‘Un, and Coldheart would work well, but a reviver would also have to be on the team, in case the worst happens.

While Flesh-Tearer can extend the duration of debuffs and transfer them to a target enemy, this Champion can’t actually place any debuffs by themselves. Therefore, in order to maximize his skillset, Flesh-Tearer should be paired with a Champion like Zargala, Geomancer, or Rotos the Lost Groom, all of whom can place either Weaken or Decrease Defense. Once those debuffs are placed, Flesh-Tearer can extend them and let the damage-dealers wreak havoc on their enemies.


  • Extending the duration of debuffs and decreasing the duration of enemy buffs is great for Bosses, especially against the Demon Lord Clan Boss.
  • Can also extend your own team’s buffs; helpful in a wide variety of scenarios.
  • Has access to a powerful teamwide heal, and the ability to transfer one debuff from himself to an enemy.
  • Limited usefulness across game modes – a very situational Champion whose use may decrease over time.
  • Will be outclassed by other Epic and Legendary Champions over time as you summon more Champions for your Collection.
  • Has no utility in PvP content
  • Needs to be paired with specific Champions to unlock his potential


FACTION Skinwalkers
TYPE Support
HOW TO UNLOCK Ancient Shard, Primal Shard, Sacred Shard


HP 18,495


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