Raid: Shadow Legends

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Among its many standout features, RAID: Shadow Legends’ Clans and Clan Boss game modes have emerged as some of the most engaging and fun parts of this epic collection RPG.

While the game places great emphasis and importance on other modes (including Dungeon battles and the Campaign), Clans features truly make the community sing.

In this guide, we will explore the basics that form the gameplay backbone for RAID: Shadow Legends’ Clans: Clan Activities, Clan vs. Clan Tournaments, and the Clan Boss feature.

You can join up with your friends to tackle these modes, or you may choose to make new allies. Either way, you owe it to yourself to discover what Clans can bring to your adventure.

The Demon Lord in RAID: Shadow Legends and some cutoff screenshots of the menus within the Demon Lord Clan Boss feature of the game.


Clans are groups of individual players who have come together for a common goal, forming a community within the games they play.

In classic MMOs, clans are where teammates gather, hunt achievements, and forge lifelong connections.

RAID: Shadow Legends Clans are no different. You’ll even find an entire game mode that requires you to be part of a Clan in order to participate.

If you’re a newcomer to RAID: Shadow Legends, finding or creating a Clan is as simple as tapping the Clan crest on the bottom of the Bastion screen.

It’s equally easy to join an existing Clan: you can either search by name or simply scroll through the list of Clans with open roster spots.

Some Clan Leaders have set Clan membership to be invitation-only. If you’d like to join one of those closed groups, you will need to submit an application.

It’s a good idea to include a message with your application to let the Clan know why they should choose you!

For many Clans, however, the ranks are open for any or all to join — assuming that group has slots available, of course.

Clan Bosses Mode

The biggest and best part of belonging to a Clan in RAID: Shadow Legends is the Clan Bosses game mode, which is available to everyone who joins a Clan.

In Clan Bosses mode, Clans may take part in a unique cooperative experience that challenges them to do battle with a tremendous enemy. A Clan Boss possesses several different difficulty tiers, each with its own stats, skills, and Health Points.

Fully defeating one of these opponents requires teamwork over the course of many hours — or even days!

A team taking on the Demon Lord Clan Boss in RAID: Shadow Legends.

Instead of playing through battles against multiple rounds of enemies, a Clan Boss fight simply pits your best Champions against a single difficult foe: an enemy on an epic scale.

Players may choose to currently take on one of two different Clan Bosses: the Demon Lord and the Hydra. Fighting the Demon Lord requires Demon Lord Keys, which you earn over the course of time (one every six hours) or by purchasing with Gems.

To fight the Hydra, you need Hydra Keys, which you get three of each week. Unlike Demon Lord Keys, you cannot buy Hydra Keys with Gems, and must wait for the weekly reset to get more.

These grand battles aren’t fights your Clan members are likely to win in their first attempt. Rather, you’re seeking to do as much damage as possible to the Clan Boss’s overall Health Point (HP) bar with each attempt.

Each time a Clan member takes on a Clan Boss, they chip away at this HP bar. The gradual damage landed through these collective efforts cumulatively adds up across multiple battles, eventually leading to the Clan Boss’ defeat.

You can also take on as few or as many of these difficulty tiers as you like concurrently, provided your Clan has unlocked them all.

For the Demon Lord, it moves through two different phases as its HP is worn away by the Clan. Initially, the Demon Lord possesses the Void Affinity, but once you reduce its HP below 50%, it shifts to a different, randomly selected Affinity type, unlocking new abilities.

This new Affinity remains in effect until the Demon Lord is defeated. Once you have defeated one of the Demon Lord’s difficulty levels, that tier becomes permanently unlocked.

You may then move up to the boss’ higher difficulty tiers or challenge its lower difficulty tiers again. As you climb through each tier, the quality of loot the boss drops increases.

For the Hydra, you fight 4 of its 6 Heads at once, with the Heads you fight being determined by a monthly rotation. Each rotation has 4 predetermined Heads appearing in the starting line-up, with two ‘reserve’ Heads. You will chip away at the HP of each Hydra Head, with a Head being decapitated after you’ve dealt enough damage. This leaves an Exposed Neck, which you can target to deal increased damage!

When a Head grows back, it has a chance to be one of the reserve Heads that did not appear in the starting line-up. This means you’ve got to be prepared for some nasty surprises when fighting the Hydra.

A screenshot of a team taking on the Hydra Clan Boss in RAID: Shadow Legends.

Defeating either the Demon Lord or the Hydra is not the only way to earn combat rewards in these encounters.

You still earn Clan Boss loot simply for taking part in the battle, which guarantees that even less powerful Clans will benefit from joining Clan Boss conflicts.

The more damage a player deals during the encounter, the better their reward.

The amount of damage you inflict is what ultimately matters most when it comes to earning RAID: Shadow Legends Clan Boss battle rewards.

A screenshot showing the Demon Lord Clan Boss menu with some players' attempts to deal damage shown.

In order to maximize your damage output during each attempt against the Clan Boss, players may wish to focus their team compositions around damage-over-time effects.

Using Champions who can inflict Poison and HP Burn will result in damage that adds up more effectively in these long-term encounters than in shorter battles.

Another type of Champion players should make good use of are those with abilities that scale based on the target’s maximum Health Points.

A RAID: Shadow Legends Clan Boss is nearly impossible to beat in a single attempt, but you can make headway by landing attacks that do damage based on the Clan Boss’ HP.

An attack whose power increases proportionately to its target’s maximum Health Points is obviously more effective when your target has such enormous amounts of health.

Ultimately, the key tactic here is that Clans must work together to take down a Clan Boss and earn all those epic rewards.

Clan Activity

Clan Achievements and Clan Activities are two other critical facets of the RAID: Shadow Legends cooperative experience. They’re a major driver for tight-knit Clans who hope to climb the rankings.

The Clan Leaderboard is an essential tool for serious players. At any time, you can enter the Clan menu and take a look at the overall RAID: Shadow Legends Clan Ranking Leaderboards, which allow you to see the entire list of Clans and how they stack up against one another.

RAID: Shadow Legends Clans are ranked by their respective Clan Power and Ranking Points.

Each player’s currently selected squad of Champions has a power ranking, which is simply the sum of every squad member’s power value added together.

However, on the leaderboard, Clan Ranking Points also matter a great deal.

These Ranking Points are earned by completing activities as a Clan, as your group completes any of the dozens of Clan Achievements.

Clan Achievements in RAID: Shadow Legends can comprise anything from spending a certain amount of Silver in the market to opening up a set number of Champion Shards to defeating specific campaign or dungeon bosses multiple times.

A Clan’s Ranking Points will also vary based on the tier of these achievements completed.

Players can also earn individual and group Clan rewards by completing three stars worth of RAID: Shadow Legends Clan Activity tasks each day.

  • 1 Star: To earn the first star, simply tap the check-in button in the Clan menu.
  • 2 Star: In order to progress to the second star, players must play the game for 30 minutes, fight a RAID: Shadow Legends Clan Boss at least once, fight in the Arena six times, and participate in a Campaign or Dungeon stage 10 times.
  • 3 Star: For the final star of the day, players need to play for 90 minutes, battle the Clan Boss twice, fight in the Arena 12 times, and take part in 20 Campaign or Dungeon stages.

A screenshot showing the Clan Activity Quests in the Clan menu of RAID: Shadow Legends. Once the Clan earns 90 cumulative stars, everyone is awarded a special Clan reward chest, crammed full of goodies.

Completing certain activities, like completing special Clan Quests or by opening Hydra Chests, will also grant you Clan XP. Collecting Clan XP increases your Clan’s Level, which in turn gives you access to special Clan Member Benefits like extra Silver when you play in Campaign, extra Multi-Battles each day, and more Weekly Clan Quests to complete to earn Clan XP.

The other major Clan Member benefit is unlocking more slots in the Clan Shop – a special marketplace where you can buy items like Skill Tomes, Glyphs, Champion Fragments, and more. You buy items in the Clan Shop with Clan Gold, which you get from completing Clan Quests and opening Hydra Chests. Work together with your RAID: Shadow Legends Clan to raise your Clan Level as high as it can be!

A screenshot showing the Clan Shop menu in the Clan tab of the Bastion in RAID: Shadow Legends.

Clan vs. Clan Tournaments

There are also Clan vs. Clan Tournaments, where you’ll compete as an entire group against another RAID: Shadow Legends Clan to prove your dominance. During these Tournaments, you’ll earn Points by completing specific objectives, all of which go towards your Clan’s overall score.

Both Clans can receive rewards at the end of the Tournament. The winning Clan will receive more rewards, and the greater the Point Difference between the winning and losing Clan, the more rewards the winner receives and the fewer rewards the loser receives. Everyone in the Clan has to pull their weight to ensure victory — and loads of loot!

A screenshot showing the Clan vs. Clan Tournament menu in RAID: Shadow Legends.

In select Clan vs. Clan Tournaments, you can earn additional rewards based on your personal performance. Your Clan needs to win the Tournament for you to get these powerful items, so they’re an extra incentive to collaborate with your Clan mates.

The numerous awesome things that players are able to do with their Clan make the whole cooperative atmosphere a valuable part of the RAID: Shadow Legends experience.

So, make sure you give RAID: Shadow Legends Clans and all they have to offer some of your time!