Raid: Shadow Legends

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RAID: Shadow Legends has received a whole lot of love from the mobile gaming community. If you’ve been wondering whether or not to dip a toe into the game’s addictive world, intriguing systems, and deep collections, these reviews and impressions will provide some useful insights from fellow players.


YouTuber Mogawty, a seasoned free-to-play mobile gamer, and reviewer, has spent quite a bit of time in RAID: Shadow Legends.

In his 2 Weeks Review, Mogawty praises RAID for its starter Champions, which he calls powerful and interesting enough to grow and remain relevant even in the late game.

While Mogawty delves deeply into systems like Champion Gear, he goes out of his way to praise the Progress Mission system. “It’s massive … but those rewards look really good,” he says.



In one of the earliest RAID: Shadow Legends reviews, popular YouTuber FG3000 absolutely loves the Champions, heaping accolades on their design and art style.

He jumps right in with the praise, saying, “A hero collector can only truly be as fun as the heroes you can collect,” before showing off his small army.

In addition to his adoration of the design of the character models and other fantasy elements, FG3000 also expresses a high opinion of the maximum party size.

He notes that the potential to assemble larger teams provides a welcome degree of flexibility given that at least two slots—Healer and Tank—are essentially mandatory when assembling a battle genre party.

FG3000 also goes into brief detail on the basic gameplay, showing off upgrades, dungeon runs, and more.


Chofly Mobile

Chosen over at Chofly Mobile breaks down the entire RAID: Shadow Legends experience step by step.

He notes the game’s graphical excellence, finding that everything looks every bit as fantastic as one would expect in a game of this caliber.

The one sour note in Chosen’s review concerned some connection issues that interrupted his experience.

He also expresses some criticism of the in-game monetization, particularly the premium subscriptions and packs sold in the in-game shop.



MobileGamer can hardly contain his love for RAID: Shadow Legends, especially when it comes to the graphics and character designs.

He finds the full-sized story and 3D gameplay scenarios a rare standout among collectible hero RPGs, calling them elements the genre is sorely lacking.

While MobileGamer admits he isn’t very far along in his journey through RAID: Shadow Legends, he undeniably loves what he has seen to date.


Koolio Gaming

In Koolio Gaming’s early access review of RAID: Shadow Legends, the popular mobile gaming YouTuber lavishes praise on the absolute beauty of the Champions’ design, and their impressive look and feel in the game.

“I can’t even tell you how addicted I am to trying to go through and collect all the heroes in specific factions,” he says as he shows off the Champions index.

He also explores several specific gameplay elements of RAID: Shadow Legends in detail. Although Koolio does address several points of criticism, the negatives on his brief list have been fixed in the game since he published his review.

Koolio also goes above and beyond to praise the game’s Artifacts system as well as the general user interface.

We’re always excited to see what the players have to say about RAID: Shadow Legends. As we continue to add more content to the game, we will continue to listen to our fans’ feedback!