Raid: Shadow Legends

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RAID: Shadow Legends has received a whole lot of love from the gaming community. If you’ve been wondering whether or not to dip a toe into the game’s addictive world, intriguing systems, and deep collections, these reviews and impressions will provide some useful insights from fellow players.


Have you heard the rumor about Galek? No, well, Skyasterix has. In this video, he gives you an expert overview of all things RAID Shadow Legends, including his take on the graphics, its “lovely” factions, and how to play. If you want the inside scoop on a potential conspiracy that could help you get more from the game, Skyasterix also has the answer.

What is it? You’ll have to watch the entire video to find out what we’re talking about. However, to give you a sneak peek, it involves the Rare Attack Magic champion, Galek. Curious? Tap the play button to reveal the secrets of RAID Shadow Legends, as well as some expert views from one of the community’s top players, Skyasterix.


OddOneGaming is a master of breaking down games. From the basics to advanced battle tactics, he walks you through RAID better than anyone else. OK, so what can you learn from a RAID expert who has a gift for taking the complex and making it sound simple? Thanks to the power of YouTube timestamps, you can tap your way through the following segments:

  • The quality of RAID’S graphics
  • How to start playing RAID Shadow Legends
  • The complexity of RAID
  • Overall value
  • The time commitment
  • The arenas you can battle in
  • Clan vs. Clan tactics

Tying all of this together is one fundamental question: is RAID Shadow Legends still worth playing? Yes, is the simple answer from OddOneGaming. In fact, he still believes it’s one of the best RPGs out there. To find out why, watch his video now.


Smiley TK

Can you make it at the top level with a free-to-play account? Should you go premium? Smiley TK has the answer.

The three-year RAID Shadow Legends veteran is a regular in the Platinum Arena and, in this video, he gives you his thoughts on everything the game has to offer. From his favorite features, including auto-battle and the cool artwork, to his take on what could be improved, Smiley TK does not hold back.

In fact, as he explains, helping others is all part of the RAID community’s philosophy. He’s been part of countless communities in gaming, but none are as welcoming and helpful as RAID’s. Smiley TK also reveals what he thinks about the developers and answers the important question: Should you stay free or go premium?

We’re always excited to see what the players have to say about RAID: Shadow Legends. As we continue to add more content to the game, we will continue to listen to our fans’ feedback!