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In a dry and dusty valley on the edge of the Krokhan Desert, Armina’s life as an Azgari Barbarian is a tale of tragedy but triumph through it. Her power and strength is now renowned across Teleria, and in your hands, she can become a mighty weapon. Unleash her in the dark fantasy RPG RAID: Shadow Legends, and lead your team to victory.

Armina, RAID: Shadow Legends champion

Discover how best to use the Epic Barbarian Champion Armina through our guide and make sure she never has to face the humiliation of defeat again.


Armina is an excellent choice for early-to-mid game players because of her ability to decrease the defense of all enemies and her crowd control skills. Even though she is classified as an Attack Champion in RAID: Shadow Legends, she works better as a Support Champion in your team, laying the groundwork for your nukers to wreak havoc.

Whether she is built purely to go first and cycle through her skills quickly or built to survive and deploy more stuns, Armina is a flexible Champion that can come in handy both in the Arena and in PvE encounters.


Armina can be acquired by summoning her from Ancient, Primal, or Sacred Shards at the Portal. She can also be summoned during selected Summon Pool Events at the Portal.


Armina’s skill set in RAID: Shadow Legends is all about making the most of two key debuffs: Stun and Decrease Defense. Using these two valuable debuffs, Armina can manipulate the Turn Meter and ensure that her allies are capable of dealing massive damage. Discover more about her skills below, and why she’s a force to be reckoned with in RAID: Shadow Legends!

  • Discipline Staff – Attacks 1 enemy. Has a 35% chance of placing a [Stun] debuff for 1 turn.
  • Trampling Rampage – Attacks all enemies. Has a 75% chance of placing a 60% [Decrease DEF] debuff for 2 turns. Steals 7.5% of the Turn Meter from targets under [Decrease DEF] debuffs.
  • Earsplitter Bellow – Decreases the Turn Meters of all enemies by 20%. Has a 75% chance of placing a [Stun] debuff for 1 turn on enemies who have their Turn Meters fully depleted.
  • Head of Steam [P] – Fills this Champion’s Turn Meter by 10% each time an enemy receives a [Stun] debuff.


Armina can be a gamechanger for newer RAID: Shadow Legends players if she is built right since she can help with two key functions in a typical early-game team: decreasing enemy team Defense and crowd control. So, she can essentially open up a free slot in your team for you to deploy additional nukers, revivers, or tanky protectors.

She has unusually low base Defense stats, though, so it’s important to focus on keeping her alive to get the full benefits of her debuffs and turn meter control skills. Check out our recommendations for the perfect Gear, Masteries, Blessings, and more to get the most out of Armina in RAID: Shadow Legends.

Armina’s PvP Masteries in RAID


Armina’s role is usually the same in PvP and PvE encounters but her Mastery builds should be tweaked to give her a slight defensive boost so that she can survive longer in Arena battles.

So, let’s start with the Arena Mastery build. First of all, let’s look at the Support Branch. Maximize her Accuracy to land those debuffs so go for Pinpoint Accuracy, Charged Focus, Swarm Smiter, and Eagle-Eye. This will allow you to focus more on Speed and survivability when you are choosing Artifacts and Accessories for her. The other Masteries from the Support Branch that you can pick up are Arcane Celerity and Evil Eye to get a Turn Meter advantage as well as Spirit Haste to boost Armina’s Speed. The last one from the Support Branch to look at is Master Hexer since it can allow her to extend the duration of the Decrease Defense debuff she cast, keeping your enemies vulnerable against nukers.

Then, we recommend choosing Masteries from the Defense branch to toughen her up for the Arena or any wave-based content like the Doom Tower. Improved Parry, Bloodthirst, and Harvest Despair can help her survive longer. Cycle of Revenge is also a useful Mastery to pick up since it can boost her Turn Meter.

RAID´s Armina’s PvE Masteries


Armina is a tricky Champion to equip properly since you will have to balance the need to build up her Speed and Accuracy with the need to ensure that she can survive attacks. Enemies in the Arena often have high Resistance so ensure her Accuracy is high. You also want to focus on Speed since it’s essential that she applies her Decrease Defense debuffs before your nukers get their turn.

There are numerous Sets that can suit Armina depending on the strategy you’re going for. Perception is a useful Set since it can give you both Accuracy and Speed. Divine Speed is an excellent choice for Armina since it gives a +15% HP Self Shield in addition to a Speed boost. If you’re focussing on crowd control, a Stun Set can be particularly powerful since Armina’s Head of Steam skill fills up her Turn Meter for every Stun, so you get the benefit of Speed and control in one. Finally, there are two end-game Sets that can make her more sturdy – Protection and Stone Skin.


Cruelty and Chainbreaker are the best Blessings for Armina to make the most of her potential. Cruelty will allow her to drop her enemies’ Defense even more alongside her debuffs, and at higher Levels it can provide a Speed and HP boost.

Chainbreaker is another good option since it allows her to get back in the action by removing any crowd control debuffs that have been placed on her. It also provides Defense, HP, Accuracy, and Speed boosts at higher levels, matching perfectly with Armina’s key stat requirements.


Armina can be a solid team player across all sorts of early-to-mid game battles in RAID: Shadow Legends.

She can fit into a Speed Team strategy in the Arena if she’s built to be quick. Ensure that your Speed boosting or Turn Meter filling Champion can go first, a crowd control Champion can step in next, then Armina can use her Trampling Rampage skill to decrease enemy Defenses while slowing them down, and a nuker can finish your enemies off. If Armina is in a Stun Set, she can potentially double up her roles and provide crowd control as well.

She is also useful against certain Bosses, good at clearing waves in the Doom Tower, and invaluable in Faction Wars throughout the game because of the rarity of her Decrease Defense debuff in the Barbarian Faction.


The best Dungeons for Armina are the Minotaur’s Labyrinth, Ice Golem’s Peak, Dragon’s Lair, and the Spider. She will usually be outmatched in the endgame but she can be quite effective in the early-to-mid game at wiping out waves, Spiderlings, and minions of Bosses.

All the Dungeon Bosses in RAID: Shadow Legends are immune to Stun debuffs so Armina doesn’t benefit from one of her trump cards but her Turn Meter skills are still effective against the Minotaur, Spider, and Ice Golem.


Armina is a good choice to clear Floors in the Doom Tower since she’s extremely dangerous against waves of enemies, but she can struggle against most of the Bosses there. The only two against whom she can hold her own are Astranyx the Dark Fae and Iragoth the Eternal Dragon.

Armina’s Trampling Rampage combined with a nuker on your team can quickly dispose of the clones the Dark Fae creates. Then, the best strategy to take down the Dark Fae is to prevent her from taking turns. Although she is immune to Stun debuffs like other Bosses in RAID: Shadow Legends, Armina can still slow her down by manipulating her Turn Meter while your other Champions knock her out.

The Eternal Dragon is more of a challenge since it is immune to both Stun debuffs and Turn Meter reduction effects. The key to beating this Boss is making sure his minions are defeated quickly. That’s where Armina can come in handy with her Trampling Rampage skill. The Eternal Dragon does immense damage, though, so you will need to build Armina with high Defense or HP to offset her low base Defense stats.


As mentioned above, Armina really shines in Faction Wars. The Barbarian Faction lacks Champions that have a 100% chance of decreasing the Defense of all enemies by 60%. Armina starts off with a 75% chance of placing a Decrease Defense debuff with her Trampling Rampage skill but this can go up to a 100% chance when she is fully upgraded with Skill Tomes.

So, she can help clear waves as well as the minions supporting the Crypt Keeper. This is particularly important since the minions can heal the Crypt Keeper, increase his Defense, and give him a Speed boost. The Crypt Keeper himself also places crowd control debuffs like Freeze, True Fear, and Provoke with a strategy of prolonging the battle so that he can keep healing back up. Armina can make sure your nuker can eliminate the minions quickly so that your team can take down the Crypt Keeper.


  • Can do multiple roles for your team with her crowd control skills and AoE Decrease Defense debuff.
  • Useful in both PvP and PvE encounters in the early-to-midgame.
  • Extremely valuable in Faction Wars because of the rarity of her Trampling Rampage skill in the Barbarian Faction.
  • One of the lowest base Defense stats among Epics.
  • Requires a lot of Skill Tomes to be useful.
  • Not viable for endgame.


FACTION Barbarians
TYPE Attack
HOW TO UNLOCK Ancient Shards, Primal Shards, Sacred Shards, Summon Pool Events


HP 18,990
ATTACK 1,354


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