Shadow Legends

Raid Beginners Tips

Like with anything new, it is all too easy to make mistakes when making your first steps in Raid: Shadow Legends.

Rookie mistakes are unavoidable, and, just like in life, serve as a learning tool that helps us all get past initial hurdles and better our skills. In this article, we try to help you avoid the most painful blunders part by listing some of the most common and detrimental mistakes that new players make, as well as give you a few tips on how to progress faster.

Best Way to Start the Game

Make a Farmer Champion to prepare Rank Up fodder. Some Champions are not that useful in an actual Battle – like Common or Uncommon Champions – but they can be leveled and Ranked Up to be sacrificed when a more powerful Champion needs to be ranked up.

This gives a much better return for the energy and efforts, and does not waste valuable Champions that can be useful otherwise. Farmable champions are collected through the campaigns – each campaign chapter has it’s own set of champions that can be collected.



Use the Champion Vault. Though most Champions that are Rare or higher should be kept, in time they are going to start clogging up your Collection. When that happens, just move them to the Vault. They can wait there until the time they are needed.

Spend your Gems wisely. Gems are an important resource that is difficult to obtain, and you can get a great many things with them. But always be sure to think ahead before you make such a purchase.

  • Do you need more Champions for your Collection to beat more challenges? Get the Ancient Shards.
  • Do you need to upgrade the Champions you already have? Get Energy.
  • Do you need to upgrade Artifacts really fast? Get a Silver Pack.

Smart investments are going to pay off, bad ones are going to drain Gems needlessly.

Raid: Shadow Legends Shard

Get the Gem Mine. Speaking of Gems, it is a good idea to get and upgrade the Gem Mine. Keep in mind that it will take a while for that particular investment to pay off, but a fully upgraded Gem Mine yields 105 Gems per week – that’s huge and will be a great help.

Use Auto Battle – but do so wisely. Farming can take quite a bit of time, and you cannot always guide your Champions personally every time they need to complete a Dungeon or Campaign Stage. This is why Auto Battle is available, it will allow the AI to take control over your Champions and speed the process up while you can get a cup of tea, watch Netflix, or really do whatever you please.

But the AI cannot think as far ahead as a human can, so some of the tougher challenges may well be beyond it. When you see your Team struggling, take over again and see to the enemy’s defeat personally.

Most Common Mistakes

Sacrificing Legendary or Epic Champions to increase another Champion’s Rank quickly. It can be tempting to boost one of your favorite Champions to Six Stars right away, but most likely you will regret getting rid of the Legendary later.

Of course, some of these Champions may appear underwhelming, some may actually require re-balancing which is something we constantly work in Plarium. You never know who is going to get a significant buff in the next update, or, perhaps, the Champion that was sacrificed had Skills that are incredibly effective in that one Dungeon you really need to progress through.

There might be a time-limited event which allows to fuse a really powerful Legendary Champion and it required exactly the one you sacrificed as part of the Fusion recipe.

So, unless there is a really good reason – such as upgrading Skills of a Champion by using duplicates – it is best to keep all Legendaries and Epics. Rare Champions too can be very useful and should not be wasted thoughtlessly.

Investing too much into Common and Uncommon Champions. These won’t be able to perform as well as you need them to for the most part, and will quickly be overshadowed by stronger Champions you summon over time. Early game, it’s best to focus on Champions that can make a difference right now and that you’ll be able to use in the long-term.

Using High-Rarity Skill Tomes on Lower Rarity Champions. These Tomes are a rare commodity that should never be used without proper planning. Though any Champion’s Skills can be upgraded with a Tome of a higher Rarity, it almost never should be.

Keep your Epic and Legendary Tomes for when you acquire powerful Champions, and even them give them a good test run before investing. Remember, fully upgrading Skills can make a huge difference in the Champion’s usefulness and if you have wasted all the Skill Tomes on a Rare that you barely even use now, you will regret it. Best use either Tomes of corresponding Rarity or duplicate Champions.

Investing heavily into Artifacts of low Rarity and Rank. Fully upgrading an Artifact to Level 16 is going to cost quite a bit. The Stat increase is worth it, of course, but only if the Artifact itself is good.

It is true that upgrading a Rank 1 or 2 Artifact will be a bit cheaper than upgrading one of Rank 5, but unless you luck out, it can still waste a lot of Silver. The worst part? You won’t get nearly enough for your investment in this case. Silver is very important during the early game, so better keep it for when you truly need it!

Splashing out on too many Champions. This too can be very tempting. Seeing several Champions that you know are good and wanting them to be upgraded as soon as possible, wanting to create several teams that are specifically meant to counter each Dungeon, all of that is really cool. But you won’t be able to do it quickly.

Select a couple of most powerful Champions that you have and focus on Leveling, Ranking, and equipping them with Artifacts. They will make the unshakeable core of your Collection. One or two strong Champions can pull you through thick and thin, and you can use them to speed up the progression of others, slowly but surely creating your Dream Team.