Raid: Shadow Legends

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Raid: Shadow Legends on Plarium Play

Put down your phone, turn off that laggy emulator, and get ready to experience Raid like you’ve never seen it before.

Raid: Shadow Legends is available now on PC and Mac exclusively on Plarium Play. Raid on PC has the same great core gameplay as the Android and iOS versions, but with a ton of extra graphic goodies and control customizations for ease of play.

In this article, we’ll have a quick look at what’s new, what’s the same, and unpack Plarium Play.

Raid: Shadow Legends

What’s Different?

In terms of gameplay? It’s the same game. With a live, competitive game like Raid, it has to be. In terms of convenience and graphics, a whole lot has been changed.

The Raid team has added HD textures to all environments and character art, along with new animations, parallax occlusion effects, terrain animations, motion blurring, and a much higher frame rate.

You’ll also see changes in depth-of-field, improved lighting and self-shading during battles, and more. The second you fire up the game, the difference is instantly noticeable.

HD textures

Raid: Shadow Legends has also been updated for PC play in a number of small but important ways.

It has fully-customizable graphics settings, so you can control what resources the game is using, and which effects you want switched on or off.

It also has some quality of life changes. The game supports a windowed mode with scalable windows, and has added changes to the controls to make it easier to play using a keyboard and mouse (or touchpad).

You also have the option to link custom hotkeys for repetitive actions, so you can spend less time clicking, and more time playing.


Is it cross-platform?

Yes! Players registering their account with their Plarium ID will have have their game progress, purchases, and account settings automatically synced between PC and mobile versions of the game.

Play on Plarium Play when you’re at home or at the office, then switch to mobile when you’re on the go. Enjoy a seamless experience anywhere you play Raid.


What’s Plarium Play?

The Plarium Play launcher is the best, fastest way to play Plarium games on your PC or Mac. This is the official application developed by Plarium to download and play their games online.

All games on Plarium Play are free to download, and supported directly by Plarium. This means your games will automatically download patches, important updates, and new builds.

Unlike browser ports, Plarium Play also allows for native application performance. This means higher stability, better graphics, and fully-configurable graphic settings, hotkeys, and controls.

Plarium Play also lets you stay connected with other players through integrated chat. Best of all – it’s free!

Plarium Play

How do I start playing?


  • Click here to download Plarium Play and follow the installation instructions.
  • Install Raid: Shadow Legends while in Plarium Play.
  • If you already play Raid on mobile, register using your Plarium ID to resume your progress.
  • If it’s your first time playing Raid, create a new Plarium ID. If you want sync to mobile later, just remember to login using this ID during your first game session on your mobile device.
  • That’s it! Have fun, and happy summoning!