Raid: Shadow Legends

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The monkey king Sun Wukong is here!

Are you ready for a powerful warrior with a mischievous heart? Time to meet Sun Wukong in RAID: Shadow Legends!

The monkey king Sun Wukong is the newest Legendary RAID Champion

How can I get Sun Wukong?

As part of the Sun Wukong Chase event from August 22nd to October 31st 2023, you can unlock the monkey king for free by opening RAID: Shadow Legends on any seven separate days. This means October 23rd is your last chance to log in for the last seven consecutive days of the event.

After this, you’ll be able to summon Sun Wukong from Ancient or Sacred shards like other popular RAID Champions.

For true monkey king fans, Sun Wukong will also have a special Victorious Fighter skin available in game as well as a matching player avatar.

Last but by no means least, if you share the fact that you’ve unlocked Sun Wukong on social media when prompted by the game, you’ll earn a sweet gift of 120 Energy, five Superior Spirit Potions, and ten Spirit XP Brews!

Who is Sun Wukong?

A prominent figure in the iconic 16th century novel Journey to the West, Sun Wukong is going to bring a new flavor to the RAID: Shadow Legends Champion lineup.

An Attack-type Legendary Champion, Sun Wukong is part of the Skinwalkers Faction, and comes with a skillset that reflects his lore in popular culture – with a few RAID twists!

Known for his immortality, Sun Wukong as a RAID Champion has a unique passive ability that revives him with full health and Turn Meter three turns after he dies. His other skills specialize in stealing and blocking buffs as well as bypassing enemies’ defenses – build him right and he’ll be an invaluable addition to your Champion roster (to that end: keep an eye out for our Sun Wukong Champion guide as well!).

Is anything else happening to celebrate Sun Wukong’s release?

In addition to a special CG launch trailer set to an exclusive cover of a chart-topping single, there are also going to be several community events celebrating Sun Wukong’s arrival in the game.

Keep an eye on the RAID: Shadow Legends social media channels for all the latest updates about these!

Play RAID: Shadow Legends and get Sun Wukong now!

Remember you only need to open RAID: Shadow Legends on any seven separate days between August 22nd and October 31st 2023 to get Sun Wukong for free, so get going before this monkey escapes!