Raid: Shadow Legends

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Watch RAID: Call of the Arbiter

Immerse yourself in the world of Teleria and watch RAID: Call of the Arbiter, a ten-part limited series available exclusively on YouTube. An ancient guardian, the Arbiter, must summon a band of unlikely champions to find a path back to our world. Discover the origins of these characters and follow their journey as they are challenged to lay down their grievances, join forces, and light the spark that will cast down the darkness.

Then, delve deeper into the history of Teleria and its people, and discover the stories behind some of your favorite RAID: Shadow Legends Champions in-game. Immerse yourself in deep character stories, and piece together Teleria’s history told by those who lived through it.


Teleria trembles. The shadow cast by the Dark Lord Siroth grows longer with each day. Only one hope stands in defiance: you. Answer the summons of the Arbiter to liberate the realm.

Assemble an alliance of Champions and lead them through a brutal world with challenging Dungeons, terrifying Clan Boss fights, and more. Discover a sprawling, fully-voiced Campaign through 12 striking locations. Experience tactical PvE gameplay where every choice matters, forming one of the most cohesive and enjoyable gaming experiences in the battle collection RPG genre.

Start your RAID: Shadow Legends journey today, and experience skilful Clan-centered cooperative play, unprecedented customization, and a mind-blowing range of strategic decisions to make. May the Arbiter grant you victory!


Try out millions of Champion builds and tweak your teams any way you want to. Balance strengths and weaknesses carefully, and mold your Champions into an unbeatable team to strike fear into your opponents!

Plan and prepare by arming your Champions with powerful Artifacts and Accessories to enhance their strength. Increase their Level and Rank, Ascend them to new levels of power, and Awaken them with Champion Souls to unlock their full potential.


Test your might against other players in Classic Arena, Tag Team Arena, and Live Arena battles! Climb the rankings, earn unique Gear, and dominate your opponents with your tactical brilliance. Learn from every fight to tune your team, and turn it into a force of nature.


Fight shoulder-to-shoulder with your fellow players by joining a Clan! Rise through the Rankings, claim Clan Activity bonuses, and team up to crush opponents in Clan Vs. Clan Tournaments.

Cooperate with your clanmates to defeat the terrifying Demon Lord and Hydra Clan Bosses. You won’t be able to defeat these titanic enemies alone, but team up with your Clan to deal damage collectively and earn unique rewards!