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Celebrate RAID: Shadow Legends’ 5th Anniversary With The Festival of Creation

It’s party time in Teleria! It’s RAID: Shadow Legends’ 5th anniversary and we’re marking it with the new Festival of Creation event – a giant carnival which sees all the races and peoples of Teleria come together to commemorate the world’s creation.

Monster Hunter’s collaboration with RAID: Shadow Legends

You are cordially invited to RAID: Shadow Legends’ 5th Anniversary!

March 7th is when the Festival of Creation fun kicks off, with the party wrapping up on April 4th. During the course of the RAID: Shadow Legends 5th anniversary, the in-game Bastion will be transformed into a bustling carnival, complete with festival tents, a new background music track, and Champions enjoying all the fun of the fair.

A special RAID: Shadow Legends 5th anniversary gift also awaits. Players just need to open the game every day between March 7th and March 12th to pick up amazing prizes like Shards, Silver, and a Legendary Skill Tome. If you are a new player and looking to start playing RAID: Shadow Legends during its 5th anniversary, you can use the Promo Code FESTIVAL5 until April 4th to gain the Epic High Elf Champion, Tayrel, as an extra bonus!

As is now tradition every anniversary, players will be able to receive their yearly RAID Chronicle video during the Festival of Creation, which will either be an in-depth recap of their RAID: Shadow Legends progress so far, or a reminder of some of the amazing additions that have come to the game in the past 18 months. The RAID Chronicle will be available in-game between March 7th and 28th, with players gaining some additional rewards for sharing their videos via Facebook or X.

Those who watch their RAID Chronicle or spy many of the in-game activities for the Festival of Creation may also notice a rather dashing figure gazing into their crystal ball or enchanting the crowd with a song. Just who is this charming character?

Welcome Armanz the Magnificent

Monster Hunter’s collaboration with RAID: Shadow Legends

This confident performer is none other than Armanz the Magnificent, loyal servant of the Arbiter and the Festival of Creation’s master of ceremonies. An expert fortune-teller, lute player, magician, and showman, you will be able to add Armanz to your Champion Collection via a dedicated Fusion event held during the 5th anniversary celebrations! Don’t fret if you’re unable to obtain Armanz during this Fusion – he will be available to summon from Ancient, Primal, and Sacred Shards as well.

For all the details for the Fusion Event, as well as the many other Events, Tournaments, Summon Boosts and other activities that will be happening within RAID: Shadow Legends, make sure to consult the in-game Festival of Creation Event Hub. This will be your one-stop shop for any in-game activities connected to RAID: Shadow Legends’ 5th anniversary, so be sure to check back often for all the latest information.

Let the celebrations begin!

The Festival gates are now open, so time to join the revelry! Be sure to follow RAID: Shadow Legends across all major social media platforms for updates on Festival of Creation activities both in and outside of the game. Fully immerse yourself in the anniversary mood with our 5th anniversary CG commercial, alongside our lore comic, featuring Armanz telling the story of Teleria’s creation:

So what are you waiting for? Get on your gladrags and come celebrate with the Festival of Creation!