Raid: Shadow Legends

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Iron Twins & Awakening

Experience a Dungeon unlike any other in RAID: Shadow Legends as you take on the fearsome Iron Twins! Fight to earn Soul Coins and Soul Essence, trade them for Souls or Soulstones at the Altar of Souls, and then Awaken your Champions to unlock their true potential.

Awakening your Champion grants them access to Blessings — powerful new abilities that can change the course of a fight in an instant. Whether it be enhancing the damage of existing debuffs, or introducing new ones entirely, these Blessings are a powerful new addition to your arsenal of skills and abilities that you won’t want to miss out on.

To get the Soul Coins and Soul Essence needed to purchase Souls for Awakening, you’ll have to face the Iron Twins — a relentless new Boss that can be found in its Fortress. With the Iron Twins dishing out debuffs like there’s no tomorrow, surviving this fight will require Champions with high Defense and Resistance. Check out the video below for more information on the Iron Twins and just how tough this challenge truly is!

So, what are you waiting for? Jump into RAID: Shadow Legends now and take on the Iron Twins to Awaken your Champions, and grow your legend! Happy raiding!