Raid: Shadow Legends

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Call of the Arbiter Official Teaser

Dive deeper than ever before into the world of RAID: Shadow Legends with the new ten-part limited animated series on YouTube – RAID: Call of the Arbiter!

Watch as Teleria, a land seemingly abandoned by its gods, continues to be torn apart by ceaseless conflict. However, not all hope is lost. An ancient guardian, the Arbiter, is seeking a path to return to the world. To do so, she must summon a band of unlikely Champions. They will be challenged to lay down their grievances, join forces, and light the spark that will cast down the darkness. The Arbiter calls — will they answer? Check out the official teaser below!

The dark fantasy world of the epic collection RPG mobile game RAID: Shadow Legends expands into new realms of storytelling with this ten-part animated limited series. Subscribe to the official RAID: Shadow Legends YouTube channel, where episodes will be released weekly starting from May 18th 2023. Each episode will also be available through a playlist.

Get ready to see Teleria and the world of RAID: Shadow Legends like you’ve never seen it before!

Watch NOW all of the episodes of the RAID: Call of the Arbiter series on YouTube.