Raid: Shadow Legends

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Live Arena PvP

Live Arena has arrived in RAID: Shadow Legends! Live Arena unlocks at Level 50 and allows players to fight against each other in real-time, 4v4 Champion battles.

You’ll pick your Champions and ban an enemy Champion, before choosing a Leader and heading into battle. Remember — you’re fighting another player in real-time here, so use your best strategies to demonstrate your tactical brilliance!

Win battles to earn Live Arena Crests and upgrade Area Bonuses at the Great Hall to make your Champions more powerful in specific areas of RAID: Shadow Legends! Climb up through the Tiers, earn Fragments of a new Void Legendary Champion, Quintus the Triumphant by completing Reward Milestones, and earn new Impulse and Zeal Artifacts.

We can’t wait to see what cunning strategies and powerful combinations you come up with in Live Arena PvP. So get out there and outwit your enemies to come out on top of the Leaderboards! Have fun and happy raiding!