Raid: Shadow Legends

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Account limits, policies, and game changes

We’ve noticed many players opening multiple accounts in Raid.

We understand that players might want to get a fresh start – but in some cases, this has the effect of giving certain players an unfair advantage. To maintain a fair playing field and avoid populating the game with inactive accounts, we will start deactivating (banning) accounts that we feel go beyond initial registration issues.

How it Will Work:

  • Any player with more than 5 accounts will have two or more of them banned.
  • You will keep the last actively played account, and the two with the highest levels.
    We will conduct regular screening sweeps several times each month.
  • We’ll also be working on changing the rewards balance to redistribute more of the gift items to later in gameplay to avoid situations like this in the future.

We appreciate your understanding as we keep this game competitive, fun, and fair.