Raid: Shadow Legends

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Sand Devil’s Necropolis & Artifact Ascension

A terrifying new foe has come to RAID: Shadow Legends, guarding its lair and protecting its horde of treasures — Al-Naemeh the Sand Devil is here! Buried deep in the Sand Devil’s Necropolis, this Boss will see players fight to earn Oils so that they can Ascend their Artifacts.

Al-Naemeh the Sand Devil with other icons of Artifacts.

Using Oils to Ascend Artifacts in RAID: Shadow Legends is similar to Champion Ascension using Potions, but with a few key differences. You’ll spend your hard-earned Oils to Ascend Artifacts and grant them bonus stats, making both them and your Champions more powerful.

Getting Oils requires taking on RAID’s newest Dungeon Boss — Al-Naemeh the Sand Devil. This fearsome foe hits hard, destroying your team’s MAX HP with devastating attacks. Raiding the Sand Devil’s Necropolis requires a well-thought out team of warriors that can stand the toughest attacks, deal major damage, and dish out important debuffs like Sleep. Check out the video below for more information on Artifact Ascension.

The Sand Devil awaits! Delve into the Necropolis today to take on Al-Naemeh the Sand Devil, and Ascend your Artifacts to grow your legend. Happy raiding!