Raid: Shadow Legends

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Ronda Rousey x RAID

MMA and pro-wrestling legend Ronda Rousey has entered the world of Teleria in RAID: Shadow Legends! Making her debut as a Legendary Banner Lords Champion, Ronda brings the pain with brutal attacks and unmatched strength. Each of her abilities focuses on dealing as much damage as possible, with multi-hit attacks and debuffs that prevent your enemies from using their own skills.

Getting Ronda is super easy too — she’s available for a limited time as a login reward Champion! All you have to do to get Ronda is log in to RAID: Shadow Legends on 7 different days between November 30, 2022 and February 20, 2023. That’s it — simple, right?

Add Ronda to your RAID: Shadow Legends collection now just by logging in on 7 different days. Have fun and happy raiding!