Shadow Legends

Raid Game Guides: Basic Gameplay, Battles Basics and Turn Meter

Raid might not the simplest game to pick up for players who have never tried a Turn-Based Battle MMORPG. It is vast, its challenges numerous. That is exactly why we have decided to launch the RAID 101 as a series.

Its purpose is simple – break down core mechanics and features, explain how they work and leave no stone unturned until our new players have the best possible start. We will delve deep into how the nitty-gritty details of every major feature present in the game.

We can break the guides down into three parts. The first ones will be dealing with the core mechanics and basic gameplay of Raid: Shadow Legends.

Basic Gameplay

If Raid is a Turn-Based Battle MMORPG, the Champions that you collect are your army. But an army is useless if its leader knows nothing of the way in functions, or how to wage war upon the enemy. In this episode, we are going to cover the very core principles of gameplay in Raid: Shadow Legends.

Find out what is PvE and what is PvP. Learn how Battles work, what kinds of Battles are there, what resources you need, and why you should engage in them at all. These basics are an important first step in understanding how RAID works and crafting your own strategy that will bring you to the very top.

But the series is just beginning, so be prepared for a much more detailed look at the mechanics that you’ve already glimpsed.

Battle Basics

We have already touched upon the Battle system in our previous episode, but there are still many things to discuss in greater detail. Who takes part in the Battle? What decides which Champion goes first? When is the Battle over and what determines victory? All those questions will be answered in this episode.

Learn about the purpose of the Turn Meter, the Health Points Bar, and when Champions are no longer eligible to take part in the ongoing fight.

Turn Meter

The exact mechanics behind the Turn Meter can be something of a mystery, with all the variables and little things that affect it, a regular player might face huge difficulties understanding how it all works. This is why we have made this episode as long and thorough as it is. Though the previous video gave a general idea of what the Turn Meter is and what it determines, there is a lot to clarify. And the Turn Meter is incredibly important to every single Battle in Raid: Shadow Legends.

If you watched RAID 101: Battle Basics, you’ll know that Turn Meter is determined by the Champion’s Speed. And that is indeed the simple version of it, but in the actual game you are not going to observe your Champions floating in a vacuum of perfect conditions. There are many Skills, buffs and debuffs that can affect the situation drastically. And what happens if Champions have exactly the same speed?

All of this and more can be found in this episode of RAID: 101. Learn about the inner workings of one of the trickiest mechanics in the game, find out how Speed-related buffs and debuffs affect it, and see how the Turn order is affected when Champions use special Skills that manipulate the Turn Meter. All of this is imperative to successfully challenging the game’s toughest opponents as well as other players in the Arena. For understanding the Turn order means you can craft your strategy around it!